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Freedom Farm Boer Goats History

     In the spring of 1995 we imported our first Boer Goats from Balson's Boer Goat Farm near Calgary
Canada. The Balson's had some very nice South African stock direct from South Africa. One of their
most famous being a buck named Mzuri. We purchased Mzuri's sister "Sucari" and another nice doe named "Kelele" (Kuh-lay-lay). Meanwhile in Texas, we joined a partnership to start an embryo flushing program.

     We purchased an additional doe from Texas to be included in the flushing program. The doe, "Zealee," was a large framed New Zealand Landcorp doe. We brought Sucari and Kelele to Texas to join Zealee in the flushing program. When embryo transfer day came we made the trip down to Weatherford Texas to help out. We now had 50 viable embryos out of our three flush does and a share in 20 other does being flushed that day. We were well on our way to filling the barns with Fullblood Boer Goats.
     After breeding traditionals and having some "early paints" in our herd, we began appreciating the colors and unique markings that the Blason genetics would give us. We also noticed that our customers seemed to appreciate some flash and color. We then began our focus on breeding good quality color stock.
     We purchased our first two black does in the early 2000's and began breeding blacks. We felt we were up for the challenge of improving the blacks as these two black paints were nice and were not the same genetics as the limited blacks one would have to choose from. We had raised some very notable black boers and had retained and used a few as our herdsires (Zorro, Black Lightning).
     Several years back we had the opportunity to purchase Midnight Prince. It was a no brainer for us. Midnight Prince was an amazing black buck. He had a huge wide chest and excellent length with a great head. We were able to show Midnight Prince and he and his offspring earned him his ennoblement papers.
We lost "Prince" in early 2011 but his genetics live on in many of his daughters we retained for brood does. We will also continue to A.I. select does with Prince semen. Simply put, Midnight Prince has given those who want the black gentics, a black boer goat that is wide, long & thick with a good head.
     In 2010 we purchased K&R's Static from our friends Bobby & Michelle at Watts Farm. "Static" is a solid red, thick and long buck. He has a long string of show winnings and is also ennobled. We used Static's semen through A.I. in 2009 as a test and were able to pull black out of him. The Static over Prince daughters is working very well and producing excellent stock in all colors including blacks.
     In 2011 we noticed that one of our partners in the Splash of Color Sale had a very unique fullblood buck for sale. It was in July of 2011 when we were finalizing our breeding line up when I told my wife Helen to check out what ASHS Boer Goats had for sale. We both agreed instantly to go get "Kung Fu Panda" and add him to our herdsires. Kung Fu is now breeding select black and paint does for 2012 kids.
     Steve and Helen are the owners and operators of Freedom Farm Boer Goats. Steve grew up in the country working on a local dairy farm and Helen moved from "in town" out to the country as soon as she could and started a small farm of her own. We were married in 1990 and purchased our 100 acre farm in Ashtabula County Ohio. With a recent purchase of a farm across the road from us, we are now at 205 acres. The additional land has allowed us to go from raising crops for feed, to raising corn and soybeans as a cash crop as well as feed for our Boer Goats.