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Freedom Farm's Current Herd Sires
Midnight Prince
The Better Black Genetics
Midnight Prince semen is available through bio-genics
K&R's Static
Just part of "Static"s winnings: 2006 Nationals- 2nd in class (to the Jr. Buck CH), 2006 Upper Cumberland Non-Traditional Jr. CH and Res. Overall Buck, 2006 Bell County Fair Res. Jr. Buck, 2007 Mercer County Fair Res. CH Yr. Buck, 2007 Bell County Fair CH.Yr. and Overall CH Buck, 2007 KY State Fair Res. Yr. and Overall Res. CH. Buck. Most judges in 2007 have said Static is "the best red buck in the country today". Not just a good red buck, he is winning against his traditional counterparts. His sire is K&R's Tuff Enough by RRD Amos, and his dam is an Eddie Holland doe sired by LSBG Granite.
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Kung Fu Panda
Our newest addition to our herdsire line up
Kung Fu Panda has now been added to our herdsires and is breeding some of our select black does. He is 100% Fullblood (all stock at Freedom Farm is 100% Fullblood). He was bred by ASHS Boer Goats. His genetics include
one of our own homebred great black herdsires, Freedom Farms Zorro. Zorro is Kung Fu's Great Grandfather.
Freedom Farms Zorro, Great Grandfather to Kung Fu Panda. Zorro is now a
herdsire at Simmons Black Boer Goats.
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Take a look at what Kung Fu Panda sired for 2012