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Now Offering Semen
from Midnight Prince
& Black Lightning
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Freedom Farm
Fullblood Boer Goats
N. E. Ohio since 1995
Breeding exceptional Black, Mahogany,
Red, Painted and traditional Boer Goats
440~474~4055 or 440~667~1420
Midnight Prince
Producing excellent Blacks Reds and Paints Boer Goats in Ohio
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K&R's Static
ASHS Kung Fu Panda
Midnight Prince ELR
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Our most recent three herd sires . . .
Yes . . . it's true. If you haven't heard, we are retiring from the Boer Goat
business after a 17 year run. The decision was a hard one to make and
a tear or two still may be shed as we get accustomed to the quietness of
the barns and pastures. We have a lot going on (and always did) and the
goats always came first. The Boer Goats have been very good to us. We wish
everyone in the business the best. Those of you who have Freedom Farm
genetics we hope you continue to have good kids out of our stock. We have
worked hard to improve the colored Boer Goat. Without the herd to tend to
we hope to have a little more time for our cash crop operations and more importantly some time to focus on ourselves. Thanks for all of the support
at our sales, the sales we participated in and the purchasers who bought off
of our farm, and the many friendships and aquaintances through the years.
Steve & Helen
***We have a very limited selection of 2012 kids for sale***
This is the last of our stock, first come first serve, scroll down
for pictures of what's still available
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B-34 Buck 1/11/2012
ABGA 10566496
Sire: Kung Fu Panda
Dam: Black Lightning's
B-45 Buck 2/13/2012
ABGA 10566509
Sire: Kung Fu Panda
Dam: Midnight Prince's
Black Sparkle
B-37 Doe 1/12/2012
ABGA 10566500
Sire: K&R's Static
Dam: Cash's Black Gold
B-40 Doe 1/12/2012
ABGA 10566505
Sire: Kung Fu Panda
Dam: Static's Red Z17
These are the last four we have to offer, the last buyer bought a group and had a hard time
deciding which to choose since they were all nice. They ended up choosing by genetics to fit their program. These are not "left overs," they are nice.
First come first serve, buy one $800, buy two $700 each,
buy three $600 each, buy all four $500 each.
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