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"Basketball is a game easy to play and difficult to master"
James Naismith

Did you know that James Naismith invented the game of basketball in 1891? Did you know that women have been playing basketball since 1892? It's true! There have been many pioneers leading the way for todays players. Since Title IX was introduced twenty six years ago, many more women have been finding out that basketball is the best game in the world! What other game keeps right on going after a score? Think about it: Football, hockey, soccer, baseball and most other contests stop and celebrate after a score. Not basketball! You score, you get back on defense. You miss the shot, you get back on defense! There's no time to cry or pout, the game goes on with or without you. Basketball is the essence of zen in action. You must stay in the moment or you will be lost!

Check out the Drill of the Month for tips on improving your game.

March is Women's History Month!!

Checkout the History of Women's Basketball

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