Gene and Madra Clothes for Sale

(all prices are with check, MO, or Paypal F&F, and are negotiable)

(shipping and insurance extra)

OOAK Grey Silk Cocktail Suit - $25

I don't know the maker, but this is a lovely grey silk (or at least that's what I was told) cocktail suit. You can't see it in the photo but it's got a subtle jacquard texture. Fully lined in white. Jacket and skirt only (the doll is sold separately on my doll sale page).

Dressed to Kill - Partial - $25

Partial 'Dressed to Kill' outfit for Madra. Includes original AD dress, muff, headpiece, and wrist tag. Green gloves included but were made by someone else.

Koffee Klatch - Partial - $25

Partial 'Koffee Klatch' outfit for Madra. Includes top, skirt, belt, wrist tag, and two jackets (one is damaged, the trim is pulling off, I was going to make a hat with it). One of the snaps on the top needs to be resewn, it's very loose.

Pink with Envy - no belt - $35

Partial 'Pink With Envy' outfit. Includes top and skirt, hat, shoes, gloves, and portfolio. Belt is missing.

Table for Two - Partial - $20

Partial 'Brunch with Katie' outfit. Includes AD outfit (top and skirt) and also a pair of pink gloves that were made by someone else, and quite frankly don't fit well, they're a little big.

Lucky Stripe - Partial - $25

Partial 'Lucky Stripe' outfit. Includes dress, hat, red gloves, red purse, and black purse.

Love's Ghost - Partial - $15

Partial 'Love's Ghost' outfit for Gene. Includes hat, blouse, skirt, and petticoat.

Lovely in Lace - Partial - $15

Partial 'Lovely in Lace' outfit for Gene. Dress, peplum, pearl jewelry, shoes, and paperwork (story card and COA).

Easy to Take - Partial - $45

Partial 'Easy to Take' outfit, includes dress, fur trimmed cape, and shoes.

Tea Time at the Plaza - $30

'Tea Time at the Plaza' outfit for Gene. Includes dress, belt, hat, shoes, purse, and paperwork.

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