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This basic message board offers the opportunity to list the name of the 83rd veteran or unit you are seeking information about, along with your name and email address. If you would like a listing here, send a brief email by clicking here, with as much pertinent information as possible (veteran name, rank, military id number, company or unit, dates served, etc.) Other listings can include announcements of meetings and reunions of 83rd veterans, or other information that would be at least of general interest to the 83rd Division.

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My Grandfather George Stanley Baker passed away September 27, 2012. He loved the 83rd, and all his fellow service members very much. He went to as many annual meetings as he could right up until the end. He was a kind, honest, and humble man.  He was dedicated to our country and it's people, a true patriot, the likes of which there are few left today. George was a great man who taught me things that no one else could have. Sincerely, Jeremy John Simonetti at paleonomad28@yahoo.com. Posted 13 Apr 15

My great uncle served with the 83rd, his name was Herbert Wirick of Scalp Level, PA. I believe he was a sergeant of a communication company. I would like to know what company and platoon. He was wounded in the knee near St. Lo. If anybody knows any of this information please contact me at: rsclark@centurylink.net. Thanks. Posted 4 Apr 15

My father Arthur Littlepage served from Omaha beach til the war end in G Co, 329th. Near the end of the war, just prior to the battle in Barby he became CO of G Company. I would greatly appreciate any information anyone may have of him during his service years. Thank You, David Littlepage at David Littlepage dlittle879@msn.com. Posted 21 Mar 15

William H. Beale, age 89, of Claymont, DE died Monday, February 2nd at home. Born in 1925 in Wilmington, DE, he attended Wilmington High School before leaving to serve in the Armed Forces, joining the fight in WW II. Serving proudly as a Private in the US Army 83rd Infantry Division's E Company, he was badly wounded in action on July 4th 1944 near Normandy, France. As a Purple Heart recipient, he was one of the lucky few from his Company to make it back to the United States and enjoy a full life. Reported by Rich Anthony at jma@mvaf.net. Posted 20 Feb 15

I am working on the family tree. I know my Grandfather (1st Lt. Albert A. Marcenkus) served in the 329th, 1st Battalion. I also was told that he served in the heavy weapons company. He told a story of fighting for 72hrs without sleep in the Battle of the Bulge. He fell asleep and got frostbite. He was shipped stateside and was in the hospital into 1946. I cannot find any information on which company he served in. His ASN# is 01322566, Grade: 1st Lt. Type Cas:LIA around 16 Jan 45. He told me he was a replacement officer in Normandy. The first two had been killed. He was also in a MP in Tennessee before volunteering for combat duty. Any information would be helpful. Thank you. Michael Klaw mklaw1@q.com. Posted 09 Feb 15

Looking for any info about the massacre at Ottre. My uncle, Pvt. William V. Scholl was killed Jan 11, 1945. He was with F Company, 331st Infantry, 83rd Division. I was told was he was wounded at Ottre, placed the back of a tank, fell off and was run over by a U.S. tank. Any info would be nice. Thank you all for your sacrifice. A. J. Copperwheat, USN. Email: warriorboss01@gmail.com. Posted 06 Dec 14

Robert "Joseph" Rushford, a member of the 453rd AAA (AW) BN, B Battery  from Hinton, West Virginia passed away on December 4th, 2014. On D Day plus six, he landed with us on Utah Beach, Normandy. At that time he was 16 years old. He was a gunner on a quad-mount 50-caliber machine gun mounted on a half track. He came to us at Fort Fisher, NC in 1943. He fell out of bed and lost the sight of an eye. Then a few weeks later fell from bed the second time and suffered facial injuries and loss of blood. Concussion was suspected because of the fall  He was taken to the hospital and after about a week he passed away. He will be missed  greatly by all that knew him. Fred C. Pearson President, 453rd. Anti Aircraft Automatic Weapon Battalion--attached to the 83rd Infantry Division from Normandy to the Elbe river.. Email: 453AAA@windstream.net. Posted 05 Dec 14

Pierre Lepourry

I am sorry to report the death of Pierre Lepourry, a resident of Sainteny and a friend of several veterans of the 83rd Division and their families. Pierre was born at Sainteny in 1918. He worked on the family farm, and he fought in 1940 in the French Army. By luck, he was not taken prisoner, so in 1941 he came back to Sainteny. He was the last Fench veteran of WWII at Sainteny. In July 1944, he did the exodus with his aunt and neighbors. During a stop, he met Simone, the love of his life. He married in April 1945. they have four daughters. Unfortunately, Simone became ill and was restricted to a wheel chair. Pierre helped her until the last moment in August 2007. Then Pierre entered in the home. He was the oldest man of Sainteny. Pierre was the same age as the American veterans. During our first meeting, he said to me : "Why? Why did they come? They didn't know us. I respect the sacrifice of these young boys." Because of his great respect for the veterans, Pierre was at all ceremonies at Sainteny. In 1984, when the memorial was unveiled, he helped the municipal workers to keep immaculate the area around the memorial. I lost, and we lost a great friend, a friend for America. His burial will be at Sainteny on Monday, December 1st at 10:30 a.m. Sincerely, M. Jean Paul PITOU, Le bourg, 61 230 Le Sap André (France). Posted 30 Nov 14

I'm looking for a photo of my grandfather. His name was Patrick Henry Daugherty of Tennessee. He was in World War One in the 83rd Division, 329th Infantry, 16th Brigade. He registered 6/5/1917. He was born 5/27/1892. Thankyou for any help. Andrea Daugherty at andreanelson798@gmail.com. Posted 19 Nov 14

Poster announcing march in Bihain

The 70 Anniversary March of the 83rd Division in Bihain will take place on 10 January 2015. Anyone needing additional information please contact me and I will have the March organizers contact you. Webmaster. Posted 5 Nov 14

Currently looking for any/all information regarding 2nd Lieutenant Floyd M. Kintner (ASN 01293972) of California.  I have information that Lieutenant Kintner was wounded in action on 14 August 1944 in France while serving with the 83rd Infantry Division (unit unknown).  Kintner was also WIA during a later engagement and left the service as a 1st Lieutenant in November of 1945.  Looking for further information regarding his unit of assignment and and any other details of his service.  Any information no matter how slight would be greatly appreciated. Many thanks in advance!  rg34@comcast.net. Posted 5 Nov 14

Looking for any information about my uncle Lt. Sam Frandino, 330th Inf., wounded on August 6th 1944 near St. Malo, and died two days later on August 8th. I wish I had more information to be more specific, but I would love to hear anything from anyone. Email sfrandino@gmail.com. Posted 25 Oct 14

I am Martin Veldmeijer from Holland, and I want to find the adress of the family of Edward J. Carroll, ASN 32823394, died January 15, 1945 and buried at Henri Chapelle. Awards: DSC, Bronze Star and Purple Heart. I have information about his parents, and in1948 the address was: Mr. James Carroll, 1325 East 64th Street, Booklyn, NY. He had a brother named Donald C., and was 3 years old in 1930. Can anyone please help me with information? Thank you, Martin Veldmeijer at mveldmeijer50@gmail.com. Posted 18 Oct 14

Just received this today. I know this happened several months ago, but thought everyone would like to know. John North was a GT in Sam Magill's 329th I&/R Platoon. Here is his obituary: That leaves Jim Townsend as the only surviving member. Here's the link to John North's obit: http://www.crescent-news.com/local%20deaths/2014/03/26/john-north  Fred Pearson. Posted 06 Aug 14

Please put this on the Message Board: Albion Joseph "Al" Drysel of Toledo, OH, oldest member of the 453rd AAA (AW)  Battalion passed away on Friday August 1, 2014.. He was an original Member of the unit starting in Fort Bliss. He was  a member of Battery A, was very active, could still drive his car and do his gardening at age 98. He will be missed by all of his buddies. See obituary at: http://www.legacy.com/obituaries/toledoblade/obituary.aspx?n=albion-drysel&pid=171942972&fhid=15375. The 453rd AAA (AW) Battalion was the 83rd Division's aircraft protection outfit from Normandy to the Elbe. That leaves me as the next oldest at 94 this Friday, August 8, 2014. Thanks, Fred Pearson. Posted 06 Aug 14

My grandfather recently passed away at the age of 88. He served in the 329th Infantry Regiment in 1944-1945. I would appreciate any information......his name is Gene McFann. He really never liked talking about the war and now it is too late. Thank you for any details about his service or involvement in the World War 2 effort. mblagg@wildblue.net Posted 30 June 14

I am trying to find some information about my great uncle's ETO experience. HIs name was Pvt. Alfred C. Starling, 330IR, from Albemarle. NC His serial number was 34679330. He passed away at age 89 on Sunday, June 1st In Charlotte, NC and I have found his name/number on the casualty report from the 83rd Infantry Division document page. I know he was wounded twice in the Normandy campaign, but outside of that, I don't know much. He was an accountant until retirement. Thanks for any information. Chris Huneycutt at Chris@transure.com Posted 21 June 14

I am very sad to tell veterans of the 83rd Division and their family members that Michel Lepourry, previously mayor of Sainteny, Normandy, passed away June 19th.You all knew this great and wonderful man during your visits to France, and at West Point in 2011. Mayor since 1983, he had been for many years the chief of ceremonies celebrating the Liberation of Sainteny by the 83rd.  Fabulous speaker, lover of Sainteny, sincere and deep, your actions for our liberation is near his heart. Pray for him. PITOU Jean Paul. Posted 19 June 2014

I would like to get additional information about my father - PFC William Severn Powers / 83rd Division / 329th Infantry / Company C. Wounded in action near St. Lo 7.9.44. Any additional infor greatly appreciated. Richie Powers. Posted 28 May 14rjp3096@yahoo.com.

  I'm looking for information about my father. He served in the 83rd. I wish I knew more, but the war took a toll on him. PTSD! Before we all knew what a toll it takes on a man.  For that I am truly sorry. I was way to young to understand the heavy burden war take on a man willing to do his utmost for his country and fellow soldiers. His name is / was Joseph Ezra Downey. I think, I'm sad to say that. But my father was distant from horrors of war which a 6 year old child could never understand. But I want to know more!!! If anyone is willing to help me find out more I would be forever thankful. It would put to rest the demons of a father who had to drink to forget. But took the war out on his wife and son.  If you know or are willing to help, Please help a son who want to understand his fathers unrest! Please. You can contact me at Scodown5@AOL.com.  If you can't please send me links to find out more. Please and Thank you in advance. Scott.

My Grandfather has in the past was a member of Company F, 329th of the 83rd Infantry ­ "Thunderbolt Division." D-Day +3. I was wondering if someone knew him. Perhaps they would have liked to hear of his passing and the wonderful children he left behind. His name was George Hammond of Harrington, ME.  He was wounded in Northern France, and a mention of him being shot but I'm having difficulty piecing that together so I will state it  'as-is'. I will provide more info upon request. Derek Snyder at odd79@live.com. Posted 28 May 14

My father, Lt. Charles Irwin (from Pittsburgh, PA), died July 31, 2001. I'm reading a book about the taking of St. Malo and remembering that my dad was there with the 83rd Division. I would be grateful for any information that may be available about the 83rd's progress. My dad made it through the Battle of the Bulge but was seriously wounded later, I'm not sure where or when. He was retired out of the service in 1945 or 1946 as a result of his injuries. nancyberg@me.com. Posted 28 May 14

Memorial Day, May 26, 2014

gold star pin

This tiny pin is a blinding beacon to those who understand its meaning. Unfortunately, it goes unrecognized by most Americans. It is the Gold Star, and if you see someone wearing this pin today console them and thank them for their sacrifice.

I got the following information from AAD but don't know how to proceed: Lawrence R  Chaiken, Army serial no. 12205782, residence state NJ, residence county Passaic, place of enlistment Newark , NJ, Date of enlistment 42 (I assume that means 1942), source of Army personnel civil life, year of birth 19 (I assume that means 1919). I know that he was at Camp Kilmer in NJ then sent to Camp Crowder, Missouri, was in the Signal Corp. shipped to England, then to France, was with the Third Army invading Germany until the end of war. Any help you can give me to  go forward in my search for his military  records would be greatly appreciated. LCHA2001@aol.com. Posted 12 May 14

I am seeking information on Private 33047975  Ollie Gilbert who was in the 329th Infantry, 83rd infantry Division. He was listed in the morning report of 26 July as being killed in action. He is buried in Normandy American Cemetery. I seek further information, as  this maybe my ancestor. jgil6052@bigpond.net.au. Posted 12 May 14

Looking for information about my father's unit in WWII he served in the 329th inf Regt 83rd Inf Div Co K. My father passed away on Jan 21 2014. stanpa@verizon.net. Posted 12 May 14

Me and my wife adopted a grave at the American War cementary in Margraten(Netherlands). His name is James Hentschel 330 INF 83 DIV state Michigan. If there is somebody who can give us some information about Henschel James, please do. Regards, Peter Stegen at pstegen@icloud.com. Posted 9 Apr 14

Looking for any information on my father, PFC William C Lewis, 331st, compny "G".a He landed on Omaha Beach, Normandy 6-6-44, 2nd wave....wounded several times, from the front lines in the Battle of the Bulge in the Ardennes Mtns. I was told my father was a hero and saved several soldiers lives, but Dad rarely spoke of the war or the concentration camp he helped liberate. He spoke of  PFC Harold Killinger often, assuming his buddy in the war....Any info, please email Leland Lewis, his son, at tech3@ix.netcom.com. Posted 9 Apr 14

James Nelson Ransdell
Looking for information on my grandfather, James Nelson Ransdell, 329th, Co. G. Nicknamed "Schnoz", from Waukegan (near Chicago), Illinois. Any stories, photographs, or information would be greatly appreciated! We believe he earned his Purple Heart (from a piece of shrapnel in the knee) and Bronze Star at the Battle of Barby in 1945. We also have his Presidential Unit Citation ribbon, I was wondering if anyone had a copy of the citation itself that I could read. I can be contacted at mitchmediatech@yahoo.com. Thank you, and God bless! Mitch Ransdell at mitchmediatech@yahoo.com. Posted 18 Mar 14

Would like to know if anyone has any information about my uncle, Charles Crouch, who served in the 308 Medical Battalion, Company B, 83rd Infantry. Thanks, Greg Cummings at grcu77@msn.com. Posted 18 Mar 14

I regret to inform the group that S/SGT Joseph Burton Sales, 330th Infantry, Company K of Blaine, TN passed away February 6, 2014. He and his wife Trina were active with the post war reunions. He will be missed. Julius Fazekas. Posted 10 Feb 14

I am passing along the sad news that Mr. Raymond F. Freeman (Pfc, Company M, 331st Infantry Regiment) passed away on November 5th, 2013 at the age of 92 near Wytheville, Virginia after a brief illness. Mr. Freeman served with my father, Cpl Wallace Duke of Henderson, N.C., in a machine gun platoon as part of a heavy weapons company during World War II. They were together all the way from basic training in 1942 at Camp Atterbury through to the Battle of the Bulge. They survived the Normandy hedgerows, St. Malo, Dinard, the Loire Valley, Luxembourg, and the Hurtgen Forest before Mr. Freeman was severely wounded in the thigh by shrapnel near the Belgium village of Petite-Langlire during the Battle of the Bulge. He spent several months in a hospital in England recovering from his wounds before returning to the states and eventually home to Austinville, Virginia after the war. Attached is a picture of my some of the members of my father's squad while in France in 1944.  From left to right are Mr. Freeman from Virginia, Crosley from Alabama, my father Wallace Duke from N.C., and Carper from West Virginia.

 Raymond Freeman and fellow GIs

I got to know Mr. Freeman in 2000 while doing research on my father's World War II experiences. He was the only member of my father's squad that I was able to find and make contact with. I stayed in contact with Mr. Freeman over the years and was fortunate to have spoken with him as late as September of last year before his death. Like so many of the "Greatest Generation", Mr. Freeman was reticent to talk much about the war. My father died in 1971 and never talked about his experiences during the war.  I will be forever grateful to Mr. Freeman for his willingness to open up and share some of the anecdotal experiences he and my father shared during that traumatic period of their lives. Sonny Duke, Descendant Member 83rd Infantry Division Association at sonnyduke@nc.rr.com. Posted 22 Jan 14

I'm sad to pass along that Harold (Bud) Merrill passed away Jan 8, 2014 at home surrounded by family in Lodi, CA.  Bud served in K Company 331st Regiment.  He was a member of the Association and had attended numerous reunions.  He was a close friend of my Dad's as well as many others. Bob McNabb (descendent member) at robertsmcnabb@gmail.com.

I am trying to find any information from anyone who may have known and served with my Uncle Staff Sgt. Lawrence Paul Englund, with Company K, 331st Infantry Regiment, 83rd Division. Staff Sgt. Englund was killed in action on December 14th, 1944 in Gey Germany. don.englund@yahoo.com. Posted 27 Dec 13

Looking for any information about my uncle Lt. Sam Frandino, 330th inf., wounded on August 6th 1944 near St. Malo, and died two days later on August 8th. I would love to hear anything from anyone. Email sfrandino@gmail.com. Posted 16 Dec 13

I am continuing my research in Dinan, Brittany, France and am currently helping the library to prepare an exhibition of photos taken around the Liberation of Dinan in August 1944. As I am bilingual, I have offered to liaise, so that all credits are correct. The exhibition will be free of charge to everyone, and it is in the spirit of gratitude to the American liberators that the exhibition will be staged. If anyone has photos of Dinan, or of soldiers in and around Dinan (or Lanvallay) from that period, please, please get in touch! My name is Diane Monier-Moore and my email address is dianemoorejersey@yahoo.co.uk. Thank you so much! Posted 14 Dec 13

Col. Raymond F. Joyce Jr.

I have been reading and viewing all the stories and photos with my dad Col. Raymond F. Joyce Jr.  329th inf. 83rd div. Co. L for the past year. Turning 91 this year, he is enjoying this wonderful thing called the internet, and would like to post this photo to see if any of his buds would recognize him. Taken in Bodenmais Germany '45. Thank you! Michael Joyce at mfjoyce007@nycap.rr.com. Posted 10 Dec 13

I am looking for information about Pfc. Lawrence A. Storch, 83rd Infantry Division, 331st Infantry Regiment, who died April 13, 1945 during the crossing of the Elbe River. I would like to know his company and how he died. Thank you. Jill A. Johnson, Park Rapids, MN. Email: jillj@arvig.net. Posted 08 Dec 13

My father, Allen Leroy Christ fought with the 83rd Division in France and Belgium. He landed on Omaha Beach some time in June of 1944. He fought for seven months in various locations and small towns. He received the Bronze Star with Oak Leaf Cluster, Purple Heart, and various other medals mostly after he passed away. He fought in the battle of the Hurtguen Forest along the border between Belgium and Germany. He was wounded some time in January in the Hertguen Forest. He carried a bible in his top pocket during the "push". When he finally got to the hospital the nurses undressed him and told him that "he may want to keep the bible that he carried in his pocket." When he opened the bible he found that the bible had stopped at piece of scrapple that surely would have pierced his heart. I still have that bible with that piece of steel. I know for sure that without the bible I wouldn't have existed. So in essence the bible was as precious to me as it was to him. I am looking for anyone that may have fought with him or may remember him. He was from a small farm town of Leesport, north of Reading, PA. He was one of five brothers. One brother had died very young. I would love to talk to anyone that may have been there with him. I am very proud of what my father and his generation did for the world. They truly are the greatest generation. Their sacrifice is unmatched in our country. My father's life was one of constant sacrifice. Before the war that farm boy was a very talented musician so much so that he applied and was accepted at the Julliard School of music. He saved every penny he made so he could go to Julliard and maybe could have been a great composer or musician. Instead, he gave his money to his younger brother so he could get a college education while he went off to Europe to fight. As I said before, his life was a life of constant sacrifice. I never realized what he had done until I was in my early twenties. At that time I realized what they had all done and the life that they all gave me. I understood that I should be grateful ever day of my life. From my early twenties to about five years ago I would call him religiously on the morning of June 6 thanking him for what he had done. I knew that as each year passed there would come a time when I could no longer thank him for what he had done. Today he is gone and I no longer have the ability to hear his voice when I thank him. The funny thing is that he never considered himself a hero. He used to say to me that the real heroes are buried on the hill above Omaha. Such a humble man he was. In conclusion, I would love to hear from someone that remembers him or may have fought along side of him. Todd Christ at todchrist@yahoo.com. Posted 08 Dec 13

Looking for a photo of E Company, 329th IR. My uncle Louis Penc was KIA on August 5,1944, and am trying to find photos of him and the soldiers he knew. Noreen Fitzpatrick at fitzders0113@yahoo.com. Posted 20 Nov 13

Samuel W. Magill, Sr., Lt. Col., (Army Retired) passed away peacefully in Munich, Germany, on October 30, 2013, at the age of 94. As one of the "greatest generation", a young 24 year old,  Lt. Sam Magill was a member of the 83rd Infantry Division, (The Thunderbolts), 329th Intelligence & Reconnaissance Platoon during WWII.  In September, 1944, he and his platoon went behind enemy lines and convinced German Major General Erich Elster that his fate was sealed and any further fighting would be a useless waste of life. General Elster surrendered his 20,000 troops in the largest surrender of the war. As he and the Thunderbolts continued their sweep across Europe, Sam and his platoon liberated several POW, labor, and concentration camps, and made the first radio contact with the Soviets near the Elbe River. Sam was a very humble man who seemed a bit awkward with the attention and fame his WWII feats attracted. He always gave his platoon the credit stating that were it not for each man doing his part, it could have ended very differently. Lt. Magill and his platoon were honored on Ralph Edwards' "This Is Your Life" TV program in 1955, as well as numerous articles in publications, such as Life Magazine, Reader's Digest, Saturday Evening Post, many newspapers, and several books, including "Never A Shot In Anger", by Col. Barney Oldfield. (Additional information on Lt. Magill's heroics can be viewed at http://83rdinfdivdocs.org/accounts/83rd_The_Nervy_Exploit_of_Sam_Magill.pdf, as well as other locations. The platoon was also known as "Platoon International" due to the presence of men from various European countries. These men were translators and negotiators who, of their own accord and without pay, worked and fought along-side the GIs. Lt. Magill was from Monroe Township, Ashtabula Co., OH and he and his family returned there after the war and settled in Ashtabula, Ohio. Sam's National Guard unit was activated for duty in Korea, but the Korean War ended before they were sent. His decision to remain in the military lead to a career in Intelligence during the Cold War. He retired in Germany in 1969 after which he worked in the film industry on several movies in the capacity of technical advisor and production assistant. Sam was very active in the Federation of German American Clubs and the German American Men's Club of Munich. He served in many capacities, including several times as president of both. Sam Magill is survived by his wife of 51 years, Bea (Lefkowitz), two children, three grandchildren, and one great-grandchild. His first wife of 18 years, Merle (Stinson) preceded him in death. There will be a memorial service for Samuel W. Magill, Sr. in the Ashtabula, OH area in the spring.  The exact date and location will be announced at a later time. Posted 2 Nov 13

I am looking for any info on Guiseppe Bartoli. He was in 308 engineers and a Pvt in Company A, Division 83rd. That's all I have.. .I know it was WW1 1917-1918. Any info would help. Wendy K Larson at Wendy5749@aol.com. Posted 18 Sept 13

My father, Joseph (Joe) Lavinski was with the 83rd Infantry Division during WWII. He was inducted in Allentown, PA, but lived in Springfield, Massachusetts area most of his life. There was a division reunion trip to Normandy, Luxemburg, Holland and Germany in 1971. He served with a man named "D.O. Dunn" from North Carolina who was also a good friend. He attended many of the 83rd reunions when he was alive. I went on the 1971 trip with referenced above with my parents in 1971. I am taking a trip to Normandy next Spring and hope to revisit some of the places my Dad served. He died in 1991. If, by chance, there is any specific information that can be shared about my father's service it would be so very much appreciated. Many thanks, Rich Lavinski at Rich Lavinski at rlavinski@lavinski.com. Posted 23 June 13

I am Quartermaster at VFW Post 7376 in Saxonburg,Pa. We have come across letters in the back of old books from Mrs. Douglass talking about her son who had been KIA in WWII. He was in 331 Inf. Co G . We would like to send them to his relatives. If you might know any info it would be welcomed. We know he was from Hamilton Co. Illinois, she mentions Broughton, Ill. Dated Oct 7, 1945. Thank You, David McDermott at dadd724@zoominternet .net. Posted 23 June 13

Am looking for info on Staff Sergeant Lloyd A Wayland, of Bluefield, West Virginia, enlisted August 19,1944, member of 331st, 83rd Division, died November 9, 1945 from "non battle action" and buried at Lorraine American Cemetery, in St. Avold, France. Son of William and Celia Wayland, husband of Olga Isa Wayland. Our current family records only state he was killed in "Austria-Hungry". Unaware which company he was in, information on him or where he died. Thanks for any info anyone can provide. Connie Barber at connie@pricelessinvirginia.com. Posted 11 June 13

Memorial Day, May 27, 2013

gold star pin

This tiny pin is a blinding beacon to those who understand its meaning. Unfortunately, it goes unrecognized by most Americans. It is the Gold Star, and if you see someone wearing this pin tthis weekend console them and thank them for their sacrifice.

SAVE THE DATE: 2013 83rd Infantry Association Reunion

July 31 through August 4, 2013.

Sheraton Crystal City Hotel, 1800 Jefferson Davis Highway, Arlington, Virginia 22202.  The hotel is easily accessible from Reagan International Airport by hotel shuttle and the Metro (the D.C. rapid transit system).  Discount parking will also be available.

The Thunderbolt has gone to print!  As some may know, our long-time publisher Cliff Wooldridge has been struggling with some serious health issues this winter affecting his ability to get out the Thunderbolt. Cliff is now doing somewhat better, and an expanded edition of the Winter Thunderbolt has just gone to print with all of the upcoming reunion information, including registration forms.  We expect a great turnout and another awesome reunion.  Thank you Cliff and Nancy for all you have done and continue to do for the 83rd Infantry Division Association! From John Markuns, Judge Advocate, 83rd Infantry Division Association. Posted 24 April 13

Just want all to know that we lost another active 83rd'r. Edwin F. Brown, one of our Rare Breed passed away February 3rd. Ed was a familiar face at our Reunions, having attended many with his wife Pauline. Ed was a main stay, volunteering to set up our seating reservations for our Saturday night Banquet. He had that magical smile on his face, I swear 24 hours a day. He was a proud member of A-Co. 330th. He was also proud to represent the 330th at our Memorial Service. He was also a giving person, having volunteered to help out Churches in Alaska with his wife Pauline. He leaves his wife Pauline and his two boys Jeff and Scott. I will surly miss that smiling face picking them up at the Airport. He was a High School Teacher, teaching Math. and was also a Counselor. He was known throughout the School as EASY ED. I wonder if the students knew that he was a Rifleman, having served in the Bulge, and also a Purple Heart Recipient. I wish that I was able to put in words what a Great Man he was. My condolences go out to his Pauline and Family, and BUDDY we will most certainly miss that SMILING FACE. REST WELL BUDDY. Chuck Abdinoor, B & A CO. 330th at sgtchuck83rd@comcast.net. Posted 03 April 13

  Another of our buddies has been laid to rest.  William ( Frank) Wombaugh of Brick NJ. A member of the 453rd AAA (AW) Battalion. He joined the outfit as a replacement in 1943 at Fort Fisher NC. He was a member of D battery. HIs wife and son saw to it that he attended all 453rd Reunions that he was able to enjoy. He passed away on March 25 2013. He had been confined to a rest home since January. This information supplied by his Widow Joyce Wombaugh. There are only eight 453rd Members still living by my records. The 453rd AAA (AW) was the Battalion that supplied AIr protection for the 83rd Infantry Division from Normandy to the end of the War, on the Russian side of the Elbe River. Fred Pearson at 453aaa@windstream.net. Posted 28 Mar 13

My most honorable father, Pfc. Ferdinand W. Crame Jr. died June 23rd 2012 in Columbia, Il. He was a brave soldier from 83rd Infantry Division 330th C Company. He was a Rifleman Forward Scout. He was at Omaha Beach June 23rd 1944. He then went to France Brittany Coast to clear ports from Brest to St. Malo.where they moved through Loire Valley to support the 3rd Army. Advanced to Luxembourg and then to the battle in the Hurtgen Forest. He was wounded in the thigh near Grosshau Germany on Dec. 8,1944. After medical treatment In Reims France he rejoined the company and moved into Belgium(Ardennes) to fight in the Battle of the Bulge. He incurred trench from frozen feet where his shoes had grown into his feet and impaired his circulation due to extreme winter conditions. He was treated in Blandford England where doctors suggested amputation of his feet and return back to the states but he refused and asked to return back to the front lines where the infantry in Rhineland Germany moved from the Roer to the Rhine Valley and advanced to Dusseldorf by March 1945. They advanced through and cleared out the Harz Mountains moving east and took up and held positions on the Elbe River near Zerbst, Germany . After the Germans surrendered in Reims France May 7th 1945 he was temporarily assigned to 345th Harbor Craft Company in Antwerp, Belgium to guard warehouses.He departed from France by ship on August 25th 1945. He was awarded two overseas service bars, WWII Victory Medal, European-African-Middle Eastern Theater Ribbon w/4 bronze battle stars, Purple Heart, Combat Infantryman Badge, SS/W Rifle MI and a Good Conduct Medal. On Oct 17th 2012 I was notified that he met all the qualifications for the French Legion D'Honneur Award by the French Consulate in Chicago, Il. but since he had died the award could not be given to him. My father was a very humble man who never sought recognition. He loved his family and his country and only wanted Americans to appreciate the men that fought and died for their freedom. God Bless all of you. Susan M. Crame-Doyle at smd39@htc.net. Posted 28 Mar 13

My dad, Elmer B. Thielen, who was in the 83d Infantry Division, Company D, 308th Medical Battalion, died Friday March 1, 2013 in St. Cloud, MN.  If anyone has any history on his Company, please contact me.  Thank you. Dale Thielen at dale.thielen@sandaley.com. Posted 06 Mar 13

Normand  J. Perreault, a member of the 453rd AAA (AW) Bn. C Battery, passed away Feb. 19, 2013. He was a replacement from a supply depot in North Carolina, and was assigned to the 453rd AAA (AW) Bn. in late 1943. Moving from New England to retire in New Port Richey Florida for the past several years. This informaion supplied by Doris Perrault, his widow. Submitted by Fred C. Pearson President of the 453rd AAA.(AW) bn. Assn.. Email: 453aaa@windstream.net Posted 22 Feb 13

My uncle, PFC Leon J. Mastej, 36874700, was a member of F Company, 329 INF, 83 DIV. He was an artist & cartoonist. I don't know what platoon or squad he was in but he was a BAR man (Browning Auto Rifleman). He wrote his last letter July 26, 1944, the day he died. All I really want to know is where he was when he died and if anyone remembered him.  I would appreciate any information. Tom Respondek at tom@safetinspector.com. Posted 17 Feb 13

It is my sad duty to report the death of James Hull  on Feb. 6, 2013. He was former T6 in the 453rd AAA(AW) Battalion. He was the battery Armorer. He was awarded a Certificate of Merit for his design of an addition to their 40MM Bofors gun, that would allow ease of access for loading more shells to the breach area  of the gun. He was preceded in death by his wife, Doris, from Handley England. This was a true love romance, that after meeting him in a fish and chip house in Handley, they had a great correspondence, and after leaving for the USA he kept sending her money to pay for her expenses to travel to the States and get married in 1947. This information supplied by his son Brian Hull.  Submitted by Fred C. Pearson Pres. 453rd AAA (AW) Btn--The 83rd Division's air protection, from Carenton to Zerbst Germany. Posted 11 Feb 13

My uncle, Robert Kaiser, and his brother Cal Kaiser both served during WWII (Cal in the 83rd Infantry Division). However, they never spoke about it. Cal has recently passed away and now my uncle is looking for information regarding the event(s) that led to his brother's receiving the Silver Star on July 22, 1944. The information I have is: Calvin M. Kaiser, 36745112, Technician Fifth Grade, Medical Corps. He received the Silver Star for his actions on July 7, 1944. Any and all information is welcome.  Thank you. lindaj4051@att.net. Posted 26 Jan 13

Can anyone tell me how to obtain information on the circumstances by which my dad, Quentin J. Raparelli, received the Bronze Star, awarded October 17, 1945 for action in Germany on April 15, 1945.  He was in 83rd Infantry Div, 331st Infantry Regiment. Thank you, Raymond S. Raparelli at raparelli@columbus.rr.com. Posted 23 Jan 13

Would you please post the following message about foreign war babies of US WWII veterans. We are seeing an increasing amount of interest from US families trying to find and reunite with the siblings their GI dad left behind. I am a WWII GI War Babe searching for my father, and my story can be read on American War Brides website at http://uswarbrides.com/AmWarBrides/jwastle.html. There is also a Facebook group called "GI & Family International Search," currently with 300 members. This group is set up for the sole purpose of allowing like-minded people to talk casually or seriously and so offer self-help, support and assistance about searching for GI fathers and their families, or for GI fathers and their families to talk about searching for long-lost off-spring. Alternatively, you can also find us on http://www.giandfamilyinternationalsearch.com/, where there is a direct Facebook link to the Group where you can apply to join. The Group does not use pseudonyms within the group as members need to know who they are conversing with. The use of this approach is again to help ensure that the security, privacy, and safety of our members is maintained. Many thanks in advance for your kind help. John Wastle at john_wastle@btinternet.com. Posted 17 Jan 13

My name is 1SG(Ret) Jeff Klassen. Since my retirement from the Army I have been helping families of veterans find information about their loved ones. I am looking for information about Tec 4 Robert Clayton Richardson. He was a signal guy. I already have records (many burnt) from St Louis. I am looking for the "story" of him while in the 83rd Division. Regards, Jeff Klassen at klassens1@yahoo.com. Posted 06 Jan 13

  I am trying to find information or anyone who knew my father in law. His name is Michael L. Kelly (but went by Leo Kelly) from Natick, MA. He was a Pfc, serial # 31370880 in the 908 Field Artillery Battalion, 83rd Infantry Division in England, France, Luxembourg, Belgium, Holland and Germany. Thank you, Jean M. Kelly at JM751@rochester.rr.com. Posted 03 Jan 13

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all from "Brothers-In-Arms" website. (Thanks to Jay Cottle for providing the 331st Infantry Regiment Christmas Card from 1944. Jay's father, Albert Cottle, was a veteran of H Company, 331st Infantry.) Posted 17 Dec 12

It is with great sadness in my heart to notify the passing of my father, Freeman Boltz, on 24 Nov 12. He belonged to the Cannon Company, 331st Infantry Regiment, 83rd Thunderbolt Division. Even when he didn't remember our names, he remembered his war stories.  Rest in peace, Dad.  Jodi Todd @ jtodd57@windstream.net. Posted 04 Dec 12

I am sad to report the death of James R. Mellman on 20 Nov 2012 at Cleveland, OH. Jim belonged to the 83rd HQ Division Artillery. I met him at Nashville, IN in 2006 and then again in Washington DC. Jim was a wonderful man, always smiling and kind and welcome. Jean Paul Pitou in Normandy. Posted 28 Nov 12

My father was Robert J. Mason, born 09/26/1925. My father died 8/2/10. I have been trying to find his military involvement for some time, and he had told me he was in the 83rd Infantry in WWII. I recently found out that he had a last name change in 1949 from Lazarus to Mason. He had said he was under Patton's command, and that he joined the Army at 17 just after graduating from HS in Mauston, WI. That would have been summer 1943. I know he said he went to the Philippines after the war was over in Europe. I don't know if any of that will help. I don't have a lot of information, but would appreciate any information that anyone could offer. I have requested his Army records, but when requesting them was told that 80% of these records were destroyed in 1973 in St. Louis. Thanks for your help, Pam Mason Vowels at pvowels@comcast.net. Posted 12 Nov 12

Seeking information about Fred Sylvia. He served in Company I, 329th, 83rd Division. Service number is 31453504 (I think). My name is James Tayner and I would like to know if he is still alive. Please contact me at bubi@neo.rr.com. Thanks. Posted 14 Oct 12

Looking for information on Burchell Martin from Jeffersonville, Ky. He was with the 453rd AAA Battalion. Wonder if anyone knew him? Thanks, Connie Goodpaster at cmc186@hotmail.com. Posted 03 Oct 12

I am looking for information on 1st Lt Clyde B. MacDonald of Co. G, 330 Inf. who served in WW1. Also I would like to find information on where the 330th Inf. served during WW1. Thanks, Tom Vaughn at Tom Vaughn at phone-man@comcast.net. Posted 14 Sept 12

A friend of mine is looking for information and a picture of a soldier whose grave he has adopted here in Normandy, France. The soldier was in the 83rd Division and his name is William J. Berlin of New York. We think that he was killed in the Cobra Operation in Normandy in 1944. If someone could help us with information, that will be great. By advance, thank you. Best regards, Patrick Leullier from Normandy, France. Mail to BillyYanks@free.fr. Posted 03 Sept 12

My cousin Sgt. Jack Rubin was with Company K, 329th Infantry Regiment, 83rd Infantry Division. He was killed on 12 Jan 1945 at Bastogne. I just received a report that indicated atrocities were committed on his body. Any backround Information, please send to: Martin Weissman at Allstocks@aol.com. Posted 01 Sept 12

The official history of the 83rd Infantry Division, The Thunderbolt Across Europe, is available as a PDF file that can be downloaded at this site: http://thunderbolt.drupalgardens.com. Posted 30 Aug 12

Am trying to find any information on my Dad, Sgt Albert R. Wiser, 83rd Thunderbolt Division. Albert Wiser at taterbiscutbug@live.com. Posted 29 Aug 12

Mr. David B. Helmick, C Battery, 322nd Field Artillelry Battalion, 83rd Infantry Division, passed away August 16, 2012. Please remove him from all mailing and donation lists, Feel free to contact me with any questions. Thank you, Ms. Lynn M. Helmick - Daughter at skets143@aol.com. Posted 29 Aug 12

Has anyone any info about Robert Ellis Hammock, who was a sergent but advanced to Lieutenant by Luxemburg. I forget the Regiment and Company ID, but would like to know that plus the name of the regimental magazine. There is supposed to be a story in that magazine that tells about how his Company wanted him to take a bath in "Lifebouy" soap after he jumped for cover into what had been a German latrine. Thanks, Barry.Wells@vll.se. Posted 20 Aug 12

Wondering if anyone might have info on Co. H 330th. I think the company commander was Capt. Ray Rudd. Dad (Sgt. Quinn) fought in this Company from Normandy to the Elbe. Awarded Bronze Star, Purple Heart, and received a battlefield commission. He told many stories through the years, but I never have been able to put it all into context, Any information would be appreciated. Thanks, Dennis M Quinn at jskroski0@gmail.com. Posted 20 Aug 12

My father, 2nd Lt., then Capt. Harold (Woody) Woodson, ASN 1310016, was in D Company, 331st Infantry, 83rd Division. Went in at Normandy, all the way to V.E.day. I have some pictures, maps, newsletter. Never figured out how a guy from Oklahoma ended up in the 331st. Bob Woodson at bobewoodson@gmail.com. Posted 16 Aug 12

My name is Michael Roberts. My father SSGT William G. Roberts was part of the 83rd, 330th. He was wounded in action August 1944 and received a Purple Heart shortly thereafter. In 1953, he was awarded the Bronze Star due to his acts on  the August 1944 date. The letter awarding the Bronze Star has no further information, what took place in 1944, or why it took 9 years to recognize his acts. The records I have are from the National Personnel Records Center in St. Louis. My question is...where can I find additional information? Thank you in advance for your assistance. Best regards, Michael Roberts at mikey.r@charter.net. Posted 13 Aug 12

Looking for any info from veterans of the 330th Infantry that may have served with or known my father, Gustave J. Slawinski, who was a tank driver in Company C of the 774th Armored. Both units served together. W. August at waugust@optimum.net. Posted 29 July 12

My Dad,  Weldon Sadler, 330th IR, Co A, passed away on Father's Day. When I clicked on the site to write this, I saw right away the death anouncement of Lt Walter Pillion. Whenever my Dad recounted his War stories, he always told of Lt. Pillion and how he introduced himself by turning over his lapel to show his Lt. bar secreted there. He mentioned how Lt. Pillion had received a battlefield commission and how impressive of a soldier and man he was. I hope that Lt. Pillion was there to meet my Dad again on the other side. God bless the souls of these two great warriors and all the men of the 83rd. Lewis Sadler at lewsadler@yahoo.com. Posted 28 July 12

I am the son of First Sergeant Richard Chipps from "L" Company, 331st Infantry Regiment. Every summer from 1947 up to about five years ago, the men of "L" Company held their own reunion. These reunions were always family affairs, and the highlight of my summers. Many of the men's wives and children developed life long friendships as close as the men. In June, James Brown passed away in Kentucky. He was the last of the men I am aware of who attended the "L" Company reunions. I would like to communicate with any member or family member of men from "L" Company. Please contact me at chippsg@buckeye-express.com. THANKS, Greg Chipps. Posted 21 July 12

83rd Division Morning Reports are now available at http://83rdinfdivdocs.org/docs/morning-reports/. Posted 15 July 12

For our Museum in the Huertgen Forest we are searching for an 83rd Infantry Division Dress uniform. Does anyone have an idea where we can get such a uniform, or if there is probably someone who would want donate such a uniform for our Museum? Any help and information would be greatly appreciated.Very sincerely, Albert Trostorf, WWII historian at albert-trostorf@t-online.de. Posted 10 July 12

My name is Justin Burgher, I am a Staff Sergeant in the United States Army currently serving with the 4th Ranger Training Battalion. My grandfather Charles Kehner served in the Army during World War 2 with the 83rd "Thunderbolt Division" and I am just trying to see if there is anyone out there that knew or has any information on him. I don't have many details. I am trying to locate military documents to try and find out his rank and company he served with, but in the meantime I saw this site and figured I would post a message on your page and see if I could find anything. I appreciate your time I can be reached at twistthrottlejunky69@yahoo.com. Sincerely, SSG Burgher Justin E, United States Army. Posted 10 July 12

I regret to inform all, that Walter S. Pillion passed away. Pill, as he was known was a 1st. Lt. in A-Co. 330th. He was awarded a Battlefield Commision and was a Platoon Leader. Pill always watched out for his men. That was his first priority. He would not send his men out, without him leading them. What can I say about this HERO, that earned two Bronze Star Medals, in Combat, that Major Campbell awarded to him. He also had numerous awards, but what he cherished most was his Infantry Combat Badge. He leaves his wife Pearl, and son and daughter. Pill will surely be missed. "REST WELL BUDDY" Chuck Abdinoor, A-Co. 330th. Posted 5 July 12

I am seeking information on my father, Lee H. Gibson, Albany, Ky. He was in the 329 Regiment during WW2. Shortly before his ship left NYC for Europe he received a telegram that his baby daughter passed away. He then left the ship and headed for Colorado. I am wanting to know if his Regiment eventually was a part of the Normandy invasion. Several months later he was reassigned to the Pacific War. His records for the first part were destroyed. If you can help me, our family would appreciate it. Don't hesitate to contact me for more information. Sincerely, Russell Gibson at rp.gibson@att.net. Posted 01 July 12

The official history of the 331st Infantry Regiment, "We Saw It Through" is now available as a pdf file on the 83rd Documents website. You can download the entire book (240 pages) by clicking on this link: http://83rdinfdivdocs.org/documents/wsit.pdf. Posted 25 June 12

My dad, Thomas Doyle Stephenson, served in the Ninth Army with the 331st Combat Team. They crossed the Remagen Bridge first. Dad won the Bronze Star and has since passed on 7/28/93. He has a swastika handkerchief signed by everyone in his unit. We have a copy of "We Saw It Through" and his picture is on page 166, laying on the ground with his gun. I wonder if there are others in the 331st Combat Team that would like to email?  Thanks, Sheila Lindsey at SLindsey@imb.org. Posted 13 June 12

I have been looking for many years for the infantry unit of my Uncle, PFC Joseph F. Radwan. He was killed on July 4, 1944. He is buried in New Albany Indiana National Cemetery. I would welcome any member of his unit that is alive to email me at cmhocevarOH@wowway.com. He was the brother of my mother Edna Radwan Bjaloncik. Thank you, Cindy. Posted 05 June 12

Looking for any information about 1st Lt. Samuel Frandino, 330 Inf., 83 Div.. He died of wounds in St. Malo on Aug 8th, 1944. Please contact me at sfrandino@gmail.com. Posted 05 June 12

I am doing  research on Staff Sergeant Edward J. Carroll, 32823394, 331st Inf., 83rd Div. What I know is that he was wounded on 17 Dec 44 in Schoenberg (Belgium) and died on 15 Jan 45 in a German-fieldlazaret in Bleialf. I am looking for information about him, please help me, mveldmeijer@gmail.com.  Posted 05 June 12

I am looking for information concerning my Dad's service with the 331st. His name is PFC Earl Raymond Simpson a native of Maysville, WV. Dad was a volunteer enlistee and reported for active duty on 18 Nov 1943. He arrived in France as a replacement on 23 Jul 1944. He was a light machine gunner (MOS 604) with Company C of the 331st Infantry Regiment. Dad was a bus driver in D.C. during the war and was exempt from the draft but was a volunteer enlistee. He did not speak of the war very often, but a close friend (probably in his platoon) was a soldier with the first name of Jimmy. Dad and his friend both had trench foot and were sent back to a hospital (I assume in the UK) and were out of action during the Battle of the Bulge. During the occupation I believe he was involved in guarding a bridge in Europe, and from pictures and post cards I believe he may have also had a leave in Switzerland. Dad passed away on 6 Dec 1975 of a heart attack. If anyone has any information, pictures, etc. of Dad's service with the 331st please email me at davidearl66@gmail.com or mail me at 611 Louisiana Ave, Cumberland, MD 21502. Thanks in advance for any help. Dave Simpson. Posted 29 May 12

Memorial Day, May 28, 2012

gold star pin

This tiny pin is a blinding beacon to those who understand its meaning. Unfortunately, it goes unrecognized by most Americans. It is the Gold Star, and if you see someone wearing this pin today console them and thank them for their sacrifice.

I'm looking for anyone who may have served in the 83rd Division, 331st Infantry Regiment, Company M with Squad leader 745 John L. Yount, #13015528 in England or Carentan, France, where he was wounded.  I would love to learn more about his experience. Janan Yount janank@yahoo.com. Posted 28 May 2012

My father, LT Thomas Richard (Dick) Scales, was assigned to Company A, 329th Infantry Regiment, during the period August 1st 1944 until November 28th, 1944, when he was medevaced due to a serious training injury caused by an explosion while the unit was training on Maginot line bunkers.  He participated in the action against the Citadel in Saint Malo, and in various actions in Luxemborg, during one of which he received a Bronze Star for valor.  I am interested in any details some who might have known him could share as he rarely talked about the war.  He died in 1999.  John Scales, Brigadier General (retired), at scalesjr@aol.com. Posted 27 May 12

My dear friend Corbin Lewis passed away this week and I just wanted to inform this site. He served in  the 83rd Division, A Company, 1st Battalion [Regiment not provided]. He was a POW for nine months and he told me that on two occasions he and others were lined up in front of a firing squad, but for whatever reason their lives were spared. He also told me that they were being marched through Dresden the night the Allies bombed it, and during the chaos he and others escaped. What a movie that would make, but then again, I'm sure most of the men from the Greatest Generation have similar stories. If you happen to have any information pertaining to Corbin's unit I would love to know more. Also if you happen to know what prison camp he was at. Here is Corbin's obituary. He is the last WWII POW in the local community of Glasgow, KY: http://www.crowfuneralhome.com/cgi-bin/CompanyInternal?stdout+115+crowfuneralhome.com+3104+4+9103:Lcgi_html/. Thanks, John Strode at john.strode@gmail.com. Posted 23 May 12

Looking for information about Rolan Steven Johnson of the 83rd Thunderbolt Division. He told me so many stories but his rank went up to E4 then he did not follow orders in a battle and saved his men, but was demoted. Now he died in 1997 and I cannot ask him questions about his service. I believe his unit was involved in the Battle of the Bulge. I do not believe that he was wounded, miraculously. I do not have his ID number. I think my sister has his medals and badge. Kathy at kmffgf@frontier.com. Posted 23 May 12

My name is Adrienne Daumer, granddaughter of the late Sgt. LeRoy "Mike" Daumer of the 83rd Infantry Division - WWII.  I do not know what unit or company he belonged to.  Sgt. Daumer, I believe, was responsible for handling a machine gun in the war.  He was shot in Carentan, France on July 4, 1944 but he recovered from his wound and fought in the Battle of the Bulge.  I have a photograph (above) of Sgt. Daumer, dated September 23, 1944, which I believe was taken in France before the company moved into Luxembourg.  If anyone has any information I would be grateful. Thank you, Adrienne Daumer at existentiallover11@yahoo.com. Posted 19 May 12

Registration and activity forms for the 66th Annual 83rd Division Reunion are now available. You can download the forms at this webpage: http://tinyurl.com/7bqmue8. You can also obtain these forms by contacting Carmella Catrambone, President of the 83rd Infantry Division Association. Her email address is: mell.dc@verizon.net. The reunion will be held in Nashville and will take place at the Sheraton Music City Hotel, Nashville, TN from August 1st through the 5th, 2012. Posted 14 May 12

I'm seeking information about my Dad's service in the 83rd Thunderbolt Division. All I know is he was in the 329th Infantry, he referred to a "rifle company" and that's all I have. No discharge papers, no other service record. His name was Clinton Eugene Ryno (Clint), born 1920 in Michigan, and living in Canton, IL (Fulton County) at the time of his enlistment in 1944. I believe he completed his basic training sometime in the early Autumn of 1944. He served in France and Belgium for sure, probably in Germany too but I am certain that he spent at least a week in a house in a village somewhere in Belgium. He served in the Battle of the Bulge and was at some point under the command of General Patton. He attended some reunions, I think for the entire 83rd Division, back in the 1990's but I have no information on the organization that might have run the reunions. My mom tried to get some of his service records back in the 1990's but apparently his records were among the many lost due to a fire at a records storage facility. I would just like to know what towns he would have traveled through in the ETO, what weapon(s) he likely carried, and if possible anyone who might have served with him. I realize that his compatriots would now be in their 90's as he would be if he were still alive. But any information or direction you might be able to provide would be greatly appreciated. Thank you, Bill Ryno at wsryno@att.net. Posted 08 May 12

I recently came across the letters belonging to my grandfather, 1st Sergeant Dwight D. Zassenbraker and I am looking for anyone who may be able to tell me more about what he did during the war. He was the 1st Sergeant of Company K, 2nd battalion, 330th inf. Regiment from July 1944 to between February 14th to March 3rd 1945, when he was wounded for a second time by a German soldier in an American Uniform at a bridge crossing the Roer river. If anyone knew my grandfather and or served with him, I would love to get as much information about his experiences as possible. This is the history that I enjoy teaching to my students and they sure love to hear about the experiences of the Greatest generation. Damon Zassenbraker at dzassenb@pasco.k12.fl.us. Posted 04 May 12

Hello and salute to all vets! I am seeking information on my father, Corporal Joe Martinez who served in WWII in most all campaigns in Europe. He was in Co G, 329th Infantry. He died in 1966 when I was 15 years old. I am his first born son. He shared some stories about the war with me before he died. But like most war vets, he didn't talk much about it. I have a few pics. I would like to hear from anyone who may have info. majuan26@comcast.net. Thanks, Juan Martinez. Posted 03 May 12

I want to post the following news about the passing of Pvt. Ruben Noriega Sr. born April 1,1922, died April 16, 2012 in Los Angeles, California. Inducted into the US Army, January 23, 1943 to November 8, 1945. 83rd Division, 330 Medical detachment. POW on July 8, 1944 in Saint Lo. German prison, Stalag IV until the end of war, liberated by the Russians, a full vato, combat vetrano- G.I. JOE- "real American hero! Interned in Montebello, CA. P.O.W. / M.I.A.YOU ARE NOT FORGOTTEN!!! Joselin Lopez at joss.lo42211@gmail.com. Posted 24 Apr 12

I am looking for any information that anyone out there may have about the wartime experiences of my grandfather, Sargent Dwight D. Zassenbraker (not Eisenhower). I did find out that he was a member of the 330th Regiment. He was wounded in action and I believe it was during the battle of the Hurtgen forest. I was too young to appreciate his efforts when he was alive. If anyone has any information about my grandfather, I would love to hear from you. My email is dzassenb@pasco.k12.fl.us. I have many interested middle school history students who would love to hear any stories that I may be able to forward. Posted 24 Apr 12

I am seeking anyone with information, pictures, stories or memories about Pvt. Fred William Fisher (or his unit) serving in 330th Infantry, Company L, beginning January 1945-October 1945. He was from Marshall, NC. Please contact his granddaughter (Lynn): lfisher1976@gmail.com. Posted 16 Apr 12

I would like to find some information about PFC Robert Engle, 330th Infantry Regiment, 83rd Division. His death was listed on 02/25/1945. It was also listed, he received a Bronze Star and a Purple Heart. Any help with this would be greatly appreciated. I am a Viet Nam vet, with the 1st Cav, and I know how important this is to someone.  Thank you in advance for any information. Gene Burgess at CBurg3032@aol.com. Posted 16 Apr 12

WWII veterans who participated in the Tennessee Maneuvers are qualified to receive an honorary Masters degree from Cumberland University. This would include 83rd Division veterans who trained at Camp Atterbury. Ceremonies are on May 8th at the University. Veterans who cannot attend can receive the honorary degree by contacting Cumberland University. See their web page at http://www.cumberland.edu/veterans/. Posted 09 Apr 12

My Grandfather served in G Company, 329th Infantry from Camp Atterbury to the Elbe. His name was SSGT Filmore E. Kohler. I have a copy of the "Ragtag Circus" sighned by Regimental Commanding Officer Buckshot Crabhill. Im looking for more information about my Grandfather. (He died when I was 9.) I also have a lot of photos of him and various men in the unit if interested. Thanks, Erick Kohler at Erickkohler@gmail.com. Posted 03 Apr 12

My Grandfather, Caulie Hendricks was in the 83rd Division, 329 Infantry in WWI. He apparently was transferred to that unit after arriving in France, probably as a replacement. Any information on this unit's activities in France near the end of WWI would be appreciated. Paul M. Hendricks, MD at paulmhmd@gmail.com. Posted 23 Mar 12

We are the US Forces Liaison Office for the German States of Hesse, Northern Germany and Thuringia. Recently, our office received a request for assistance from Herr Rickfelder, a member of the Northrhine-Westphalian State Parliament.
Herr Rickfelder states that in 1995 or 1996, a group of American World War II Veterans visited the village of Handorf / Munster, commemorating the 50th anniversary of the units presence in Handorf. Apparently, a local German citizen, Herr Wemhoff, was involved in coordinating the visit. Herr Wemhoff has meanwhile passed away and apparently all records and point of contact information for the American veterans was lost.
At the time of the visit, the topic of a so called "Schützenkette" (a special marksmen necklace, received as a token for marksmen skills) came up. It appears that US troops, briefly stationed in Handorf after the end of WWII took this "Schützenkette" as souvenir back to the United States. Allegedly, the American veterans confirmed knowledge of this fact when visiting in 1995/1996 and indicated that they would check into the matter, however, nothing further developed.
Herr Rickfelder asked our office for assistance in identifying the American veterans who visited the village of Handorf in 1995/1996 time frame. Would veterans of the 83rd Division possibly have been to the afore mentioned village and would you possibly be able to provide our office with a point of contact ? Any assistance you might be able to provide would be very much appreciated.
With kind regards, Anne Adams, Deputy U.S. Forces Liaison Officer. Email: anne.adams3.ln@mail.mil. Posted 23 Mar 12

The 66th Annual Reunion of the 83rd Infantry Division Association will take place at the Sheraton Music City Hotel, Nashville, TN from August 1st through the 5th, 2012. More details will be posted on this message board as they become available. Posted 08 Mar 12

I'm looking for any known photos with my grandfather in them. His name is John O. Browning, PFC, tag#35664525. I believe he was a member of the 83rd Division, 329th Infantry, K Company. If anyone has any photos of this company in training or in the field please contact me at dickygreer@hotmail.com. Thanks. Posted 25 Feb 12

I am looking for anyone who might have some pictures of my Grandfather. His name was James Elwood Blair. He was from Huntingdon PA. He raised me for the first 8 yrs of my life and then passed away suddenly and without warning on 11/03/1984. I lost all but one picture of him in the fire a long time ago and a friend of mine gave me this site thinking someone could help. Thank you, Renee at raedevary@hotmail.com. Posted 23 Jan 12

Robert (Bob) Hemstreet from Sheridan, OR, passed away on Jan 17, 2012. He was in A Battery, 453rd AAA (AW) Bn, and was a good friend to all of his WWII Buddies. The 453rd AAA was assigned to the 83rd Div. from landing in Normandy to the east side of the Elbe River at the end of WWII. His son Jon, forwarded this information to Fred C. Pearson, President of the 453rd AAA (AW) Bn Association. For information, contact  Fred at  453aaa@windstream.net. Posted 18 Jan 12

Hello... I'm looking for information about my Uncle, Charlie Gilbert.  I know he was in the 2nd Battalion of 329th Infantry Regiment, 83rd Division.  Does anyone have any info or maybe knew him? Lou Trefz at thecameraworks@verizon.net. Posted 10 Jan 12

Looking for information about Bagdon Odazin, former Pvt or Pfc, 83rd Div., 331st Infantry Regiment, 2nd Battalion Hq Co, A & P platoon. Please contact J. Shaw at jamiehshaw@sbcglobal.net. Delighted to hear from any one else who served with this outfit from beach to Elbe River crossing. Posted 29 Dec 11

Looking for Information on Frank W. Cann. My father was a member of the 329th. He received a Bronze Star and was a Technical Sergeant at the time (based on his Citation that I have). His Army ID is 35665214. It appears his commencement was October 26th, 1942 and his separation date was November 15th, 1945. My father passed away when I was 4 years old and I never had the oppotunity to hear or learn of his service from him. I am trying to find out what company or platoon he was in. Was he infantry, engineers, etc. My mother is still alive and recalls the many reunions they went to and spoke highly of his Army family. Thank you for any information that you might have. You can email me at jcann@isoc.net. Thanks John. Posted 27 Dec 11

Looking for information aboutMarshall H Wright, 331st Infantry, H Company, 2nd Platoon. My father passed in 1975 and the family is interested in any information or discussions with those that might have known my father. Thank you and to the men of 331st.  Please respond to jmacw@aol.com. Posted 27 Dec 11

Wondering if anyone had any info on my father, Ray Kelly, Cpl., Co. K, 331st IR, 83rd ID. He was with the 331st from Normandy to Berlin. He was awarded the Silver Star, Bronze Star, Purple Heart Heart with cluster and the Combat Medic Badge. He died in 1980. He spoke once about his company being cut-off in a town. Any info would be appreciated. Ray Kelly Jr. at rayandpat4@comcast.net. Posted 27 Dec 11

I was wondering if anyone remembers my Dad, Carl B. Holland, S Sgt, Co A/330th Infantry?  I know he recieved a Bronze Star and a Purple Heart.  He entered the service in Oct. 1942 (not sure when he was discharged, but it was after the war ended).  He was a platoon sergeant, rifle and second in charge of 38 infantrymen.  That is about all I know.  Would love to hear any stories about him or any pictures.  He died in 1954 when I was 5 years old so I don't know much about him. Thanks, Karla Holland-Scholer at khscholer@gmail.com. Posted 26 Dec 11

Looking for any info on a family member: Clifford H. Barney, Kentucky, SGT, 329th IR, 83 Division (KIA 7-6-44). Would like to know what Battalion & Company he was in, or any other information you might have ­ i.e. how/where he was killed, etc. Please email me at:  KABrown@Dow.com or KBrown53@AOL.com. Thanks kindly, Kent Brown. PS ­ if you have any good internet links that would help me please send them as well. Posted 22 Dec 11

  Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all from "Brothers-In-Arms" website. (Thanks to Jay Cottle for providing the 331st Infantry Regiment Christmas Card from 1944. Jay's father, Albert Cottle, was a veteran of H Company, 331st Infantry.) Posted 17 Dec 11

My father, Allen Leroy Christ fought with the 83rd Division in France and Belgium. He landed on Omaha Beach some time in June of 1944. He fought for seven months in various locations and small towns. He received the Bronze Star with Oak Leaf Cluster, Purple Heart, and various other medals mostly after he passed away. He fought in the battle of the Hurtguen Forest along the border between Belgium and Germany. He was wounded some time in January in the Hertguen Forest. He carried a bible in his top pocket during the "push". When he finally got to the hospital the nurses undressed him and told him that "he may want to keep the bible that he carried in his pocket." When he opened the bible he found that the bible had stopped at piece of scrapple that surely would have pierced his heart. I still have that bible with that piece of steel. I know for sure that without the bible I wouldn't have existed. So in essence the bible was as precious to me as it was to him. I am looking for anyone that may have fought with him or may remember him. He was from a small farm town of Leesport, north of Reading, PA. He was one of five brothers. One brother had died very young. I would love to talk to anyone that may have been there with him. I am very proud of what my father and his generation did for the world. They truly are the greatest generation. Their sacrifice is unmatched in our country. My father's life was one of constant sacrifice. Before the war that farm boy was a very talented musician so much so that he applied and was accepted at the Julliard School of music. He saved every penny he made so he could go to Julliard and maybe could have been a great composer or musician. Instead, he gave his money to his younger brother so he could get a college education while he went off to Europe to fight. As I said before, his life was a life of constant sacrifice. I never realized what he had done until I was in my early twenties. At that time I realized what they had all done and the life that they all gave me. I understood that I should be grateful ever day of my life. From my early twenties to about five years ago I would call him religiously on the morning of June 6 thanking him for what he had done. I knew that as each year passed there would come a time when I could no longer thank him for what he had done. Today he is gone and I no longer have the ability to hear his voice when I thank him. The funny thing is that he never considered himself a hero. He used to say to me that the real heroes are buried on the hill above Omaha. Such a humble man he was. In conclusion, I would love to hear from someone that remembers him or may have fought along side of him. Todd Christ at tchrist@yahoo.com. Posted 8 Dec 11

My uncle was with the 329 Infantry Regiment of the 83rd Division. I have very little information on him, his name is Harry Malzi from Johnstown, PA. Any information would be greatly appreciated. You may reach me at usa2uk@aol.com. Many thanks , Terry Malzi, US Air Force Veteran. Retired from the 1/103rd AR PAANG. Posted 1 Dec 11

Looking for info on my father George R. Hill, Ssgt, 329th IR and Bernard M. Kill, Ssgt, 329th IR(KIA 7-14-44), would like to know what Battalion/Company they were in. If anyone remembers them please email llhill58@gmail.com. Thanks, Larry Hill. Posted 1 Dec 11

My fiance's grandpa, Orton Cash Misel was in the 83rd from Normandy all the way to the end. He is still alive and in good health. I am putting together a flag shadow-box for him for Christmas. I am looking for patches, unit insignia, Ssgt. rank, and medals that he recieved. I know he was in charge of a machine gun squad at the end of the war. Any information on active units associated with the 83rd still operating in central Ohio would be greatly appreciated! Thank you, MSgt. Wade McDowell at wade.mcdowell@yahoo.com. Posted 22 Nov 11

My father, Harry "Bud" Shaffer, today survives as a member of Company L, 329th Infantry Regiment. As rifleman he qualified as expert and mentioned he was called on to eliminate what was thought to be a German spotting mortar fire on their position. Other than that he hasn't been able to tell us much because he was badly wounded (mortar) early on in the campaign, July 7, 1944,  eventually loosing his right foot among other wounds and spending months in hospitals in England and New Jersey. Despite his disability he returned to PA, worked everyday as a coal miner, built a house and raised 3 children (I was his first). He and mother both survive today but dad suffers from Alzheimer's. I just wanted to share his service with other members, family and friends of the 329th. If anyone remembers Bud, please contact me at ozzie47@windstream.net. Posted 22 Nov 11

I am looking for any information and pictures of my father, Marvin E. Noe, who fought in the Battle of the Bulge. He was in the Army in the 83rd Infantry. Please email me at  markelliott3030@comcast.net. Thank you, Charlotte Noe Elliott. Posted 19 Nov 11

My dad, Pfc. James Lures Stewart, served with the 83rd Division, 331st Combat Team (I'll have to look up which company), from its activation and landing in Normandy after D-Day, through his wounding during the drive out to St. Malo.  After recovering, he was "temporarily" attached to a unit in the Huertgen Forest in the Big Red One (1st Division) where he was wounded again the day before Thanksgiving, 1944.  This wound was much more serious so he did not return to active but limited duty until the end of the war in Europe, and served in the military police until his discharge in late 1945.  He was not happy about not returning directly to the 331st after his first wounding, but the Huertgen Forest battles were literally bleeding personnel and replacements were desperately needed.  I miss my dad (and my mom too); lost both of them in recent years. In commemoration of Veterans Day 2011, Donna Stewart Skarloken. Posted 11 Nov 11

I am looking for information about my Dad, who was a medic, and I think he said he was with the 83rd Division. His name was Capt. Wallace Livingston, M.D. He talked about the Battle of the Bulge and the Hurtgen Forest and he had some reminders of Luxembourg that I remember. He was a front-line medic and, by the Grace of God, went home to his family in Denver, Colorado. But his tales of his stretcher-bearers and the conditions under which they all had to work were heartwrenching. I would really appreciate knowing whether or not anyone remembered him and passed on those memories to his family. Thanks and blessings! Joan Shock at jbshock@cox.net. Posted 2 Nov 11

I am interested in any information about my father, Stanley E. Nelson who served in the 83rd Infantry in WWII. He was awarded several medals, including a Bronze Star, but didn't talk about his war experience. He passed away in 1995. I would like to know more if the information is available. Thank you very much, Dianna Nelson at dianna_nelson@yahoo.com. Posted 30 Oct 11

My husband and I are doing research on my father - Gordon Herr who served from October 1942 to December 1945 with the 83rd Signal Company, 83rd Infantry Division. Does anyone remember him? Cynthia Kleckner at klecknca@gmail.com. Posted 30 Oct 11

Dear Friends/Comrades, I have just become aware of the passing of a good friend that I worked with for many years that I found out served in 331st Inf. 83rd Inf. Div. during all campaigns. He was 1st Sgt. Lee M Hetrick Jr. He passed away in Ferndale Mich. May, 19, 2011. John Sherman at jsherman327@msn.com (Formerly Pfc., Co."G", 327 Glider Inf. Regt, 101st Airborne Div. WWII). Posted 5 Oct 11

Thelmer Cline from Peoria IL passed away Sunday, 25 September 2011. He was 83 years old and was an original member of the 453rd AAA AW Bn. After the war he stayed in Germany working for the U.S. Government in various capacities. He will be missed by all the rest of his Buddies, who attended many reunions of the 453rd AAA AW Bn. The 453rd Anti Aircraft Automatic Weapons Bn was attached to the 83rd Infantry Division from Normandy through the crossing of the Elbe River. Submitted by Fred C. Pearson at 453AAA@windstream.net. Posted 27 Sept 11

Does anybody remember my dad? Owen E Jones, F Company, 331st Inf, 83rd Div, wounded in Kameritz Germany April 14, 1945. Mike Jones at Ksholtjones@comcast.net. Posted 27 Sept 11

I am doing research on Pvt William F Meaker, ASN 36691059,  F Company, 331st IR, 83rd ID. Pvt Meaker was killed in action on July 17th 1944 in Normandy and is buried at Normandy American Cemetery. I would like to get in contact with his family. Also information about his time in the Army and F Company would be more than welcome. Pictures of Pvt Meaker are also more than welcome. Please contact me at kruijbroek@gmail.com. Kind regards, Karel in The Netherlands. Posted 21 Sept 11

I'm looking for information on my great-grandfather, Lee E. Skeel. He is supposed to have served with the 322d Machine Gun Battalionwith the 83rd Division during WWI, but I don't even know his rank or role. Any info, pictures, service history, etc regarding him or the 322d in general would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Rob Skeel at civwarreanactor@aol.com. Posted 21 Sept 11

I am seeking any information about my Uncle, Dante Grassi, PVT 330th Inf. Regt, 83rd Div., killed in action July 27, 1944. Please email me at: rathkee@gmail.com. Thank you, Dante DeCrescenzo, DMD. Posted 16 Sept 11

I am searching for information on Ollie (O.L.) Tumlin. He was my great Uncle and served in the 83rd inf. Div., 329th, CO. B. I know he was wounded and lived the rest of his life with shrapnel in his body and the loss of one eye. If anyone has any information on this unit or him specifically please email jeady@sterneagee.com. Joe Eady. Posted 12 Sept 11

I`m looking for information on Joseph A. W. St Onge who was a 1st Lt. in 1945. He was S2 of the 3rd Battalion, 330th Regiment, 83rd Division. I found his name in a roster April and May 1945 with his Officers serial number O-1287083. He is still alive, but his health is very bad and so he couldn`t answer my questions. I did some search with After Action Reports of the Regiment, but couldn`t find the complete ones, often the roster or Awards and Decorations are not in the copies I received. He started the war in the 26th Division and changed as a 2nd Lt. to the 83rd, where he was during the war in Europe. I own a picture of him at Würzburg Displaced Person Camp, but couldn`t find any information about this camp. The same problem with his decorations, he didn`t wear any at the picture, and a question to the National Archives gave no answer. Another picture I own is marked Ardennes 1944 where he was a patrol leader, but again no information about this. Any information would be appreciated. Uwe Weber at charly.strolchi@t-online.de. Posted 04 Sept 11

I am looking for any information about my grandfather PFC Samuel J. Heffner Jr., who served in Company A, 330th Infantry Regiment, 83rd Infantry Division from 27 Dec 1943 to 22 Jan 1946. He entered into service in New Cumberland, PA and was honorably discharged at Unit A Separation Center 45, Indiantown Gap Mil Res, PA. His Honorable Discharge Certificate was signed by Major Bruce Canright. Mr. Heffner fought in the Northern France, Central Europe, and Rhineland Compaigns. He was awarded a Bronze Star Medal, Purple Heart Medal with Oak Leaf Cluster (injured Luxembourg 7 Nov 1944 and Germany 14 Apr 1945), Good Conduct Medal, European-African-Middle Eastern Campaign Medal with three bronze stars, WWII Victory Medal, Army of Occupation Medal with Germany Clasp, Combat Infantryman Badge, Rifle Marksman, and an Honorable Service Lapel Button. My grandfather does not speak much about his military service; however, he would occasionally tell me bits and pieces.  I have two photos of him and two other photos taken from a distance with other service men.  He is currently still alive so if anyone has any information, it would be greatly appreciated.  I can be reached at TBA24@att.net. Sincerely, Travis Arnette. Posted 19 Aug 11

My uncle, Charlie Allen White served with the 83rd, 331st, Company C. He was carried as AWOL from August 8th, 1944, 3 miles from St. Malo until 1951 when it was changed to MIA, in part due to statements made by Cyrus D. Coon of Michigan. How could I find out more about my uncle and the last man to see him Cyrus Coon? My wife and I are going to be in Normandy this summer for the D-Day events. We wanted to try to locate the last known point of my uncle, thinking since the government had released the information about him finally, after years of trying, he would be awarded his Bronze Star and Purple Heart. We wanted to leave them for him at the wall in Brittany Cemetery that has his name listed as MIA. Apparently they do not want to award him or his family the medals he earned. All the reports the Government has released do not add up. He was 19 years old and from a farm in the mountains of Tennessee. He knew what liquor was and probably knew how to make it, but to say he went AWOL specifically to get cognac is absurd to me. I would like to hear from anyone who might be able to help me find more information. Thanks, Michael White at mwhite@lowndes.k12.ga.us. Posted 16 Aug 11

I am sorry to reort the passing of Larry Carman, a veteran of B Battery, 453rd AAA (AW) BN (anti-aircraft battalion attached to the 83rd Division). Larry was from Washington State. He joined the 453rd at Fort Knox, KY and served with us throughout the balance of the war. He will be missed. Fred C. Pearson, President of the 453rd AAA (AW) BN Association. Email: 453AAA@windstream.net. Posted 03 Aug 11

I'd like to report the passing of my grandfather James Emanouil, a member of the 83rd Thunderbolt Infantry Division. He died peacefully, in his sleep, on Friday, July 22. The wake will be held at Blake Funeral Home, 24 Worthen St., Chelmsford, MA, on Tuesday, July 26, from 6-8 p.m. http://www.blakefuneralhome.com/fh/home/home.cfm?&fh_id=11689. The funeral will be held Wednesday, July 27 at 10 am at Saint Phillips Greek Orthodox Church, 500 West Hollis St., Nashua, NH. http://www.stphilipnh.org/. Burial will follow in Lowell. Thank you kindly, Jennifer Campbell (James" granddaughter) at jennifer.campbell@ubm.com. Posted 24 July 11

I adopted a little time ago the memorial of S/SGT William A. Sanders Jr. (330 IR, F Co) at ABM cemetery Henry -Chapelle. I would like more informations about him. By advance, I thank everybody who can help me in my search. Jean-Philippe Sanders at js249670@scarlet.be. Posted 24 July 11

I'm trying to find information and or pictures of PVT Theran L. Widiger. He served in the 331st Infantry Regiment, 83rd Infantry Division. His serial number was 38464721 and he was from Oklahoma. Date of death: March 03, 1945. He is buried at the Amercian War Cemetery Margraten in The Netherlands, My father in law "adopted" his grave. And any information is welcome! Please send me an e-mail: niek.schoonbrood@gmail.com PS: if any of you want to know more about the adoptionprogram: http://adoptiegraven.nl/english/adopting.html. Posted 24 July 11

Looking for anyone who knew S/SGT Albert  D. Olsen , 330th Infantry. Frank Norwood at frank@norwoodmail.net. Posted 21 July 11

I am reporting the passing of my father, Fred Saeger, who served in the 83rd Signal Company. He told many stories of his experiences, particularly involving driving Lt. Dorn (sp?). Dad died in June 2009. Thank you to all of you who may have known him, and made his experiences in war a bit better. Jeff Saeger at runwld2@juno.com. Posted 18 July 11

Looking for information about Chester S. Ciesielski. He served in D Company, 330th Infantry Regiment, 83rd Division. He was a Technician Fifth Grade. I am his grandson and I have always been curious as to what his role was in the war but never asked. Now he has passed and it is too late, I would like to know if anyone has information about his Company, Regiment, him, or anything else that might be of help to better understand what his contributions were. I would be grateful to know. Thank you. My email address is Maciesielski@gmail.com. Posted 19 June 11

My father, William Clark Settle was in 83rd Infantry Division, 308th Engineer Combat Battalion, Company A. His Military Number is: 13 002 345. His Rank is: PFC. He served July 25th of 1940 to July 25th of 1945. He took Ranger training, Intensive bayonet training. William became a Marksman Oct 18, 1940 and used a M1 grand Rifle. He traveled to Ardennes, Normandy, Rhineland, Northern France as to what it says on the back of his discharge paper. His medals are: The Purple Heart (2); Marksman; American Defense; European African, Middle Eastern Service; Occupation; Army of Occupation; Good Conduct; and American Campaign. William was born in Woodbury, PA (1921) and died in Duncansville, PA (1992). He got shot during the war but survived. It later caused him to have several strokes, then the last one took his life in 92. He had hazel eyes and brown hair. Very skinny and a large nose. Height: 5 ft.9 in. Photos can be seen at this Flickr page: http://www.flickr.com/photos/64019462@N03/. He had lost many friends in the war he had told me once. He never really wanted to talk about his war experience but, I am sure someone has some information on my dad. Anything about him: pictures, letters, someone who knew him, any little information.. ANYTHING. I would very much appreciate anyone who e-mails me about anything about my father. Thank you so much! Jessica Settle at GDZx3ABZ22@yahoo.com. Posted 13 June 11.

We are looking for information about PFC Calvin G. Dietz, 37643462. He served in the 330 INF 83 DIV. One of our members (www.band-of-brothers.be) has adopted his memorial and we would like to know as much about him as we can. Lise Zeiter at lise@band-of-brothers.nl. Posted 03 June 11

The 65th Annual Reunion of the 83rd Infantry Division Association will be held August 3-7, 2011 at The Thayer Hotel, United States Military Academy, West Point, NY. Please note that because the hotel is located on the grounds of the United States Military Academy it is necessary to present a photo identification, which can be be a driver's license, passport, state identification, or school identification as long as there is a photo attached. Children under 16 years of age are not required to show identification if they are accompanied by an adult. When you make reservations, mention that you are attending the 83rd Division reunion. Also, if you are a veteran, you are entitled to a special room rate. Reunion activies include a Ceremony at West Point Cadet Chapel, wreath laying at West Point Cemetery, bus tour of West Point, tour of Purple Heart Hall of Honor, river boat tour of Hudson River, and Saturday evening banquet. If you are interested in attending the reunion, please email the webmaster for a package of registration forms. Please note that all registrations and payments must be made on or before July 1, 2011. Posted 31 May 11.

Memorial Day, May 30, 2011

gold star pin

This tiny pin is a blinding beacon to those who understand its meaning. Unfortunately, it goes unrecognized by most Americans. It is the Gold Star, and if you see someone wearing this pin today console them and thank them for their sacrifice.

I am seeking information about my father's military service. His name was Orville L Helling, PFC, USA. He served with the 83rd Division, 453rd AAA, Battery D. He was wounded on 13 April 1945 during the push across the Elbe River to capture Barby, Germany. Any information would be greatly appreciated. Thank you! Steven L. Helling, USCG (ret) at slhelling@live.com. Posted 28 May 11

My Father was Pfc. Richard Raymond Ryan. He served in the 83rd Inf Div,  330th IR, 3rd Bn, Co. K, in 1945. I have used his diary, and after-action reports to trace his movements and activities in some detail. I am writing a study on the subject, and would love to have more info, but am willing to send the transposed diary to anyone who wants it. Be Sure to list "DIARY" as subject in your email. giggle.s@hotmail.com. Posted 9 May 11

Seeking any information about my Father, PFC Ellis Ray Jones, a soldier in the 83rd Infantry Division. He served in HQ Company, 1st Battalion, 330th Infantry.  He is listed on his discharge as a cannoneer which makes sense, since he was in a HQ Company. I have a hand written history of his service, KIA's, WIA's, numbers of replacements, German combat units in contact with. I have information about a number of other 83rd soldiers: 329th, JQ Seagroves, 330th, Nelson Caviness, Rudolth Ogburn, 331st, Warren Lee, I Co, Clyde Warren, Lewis Mason, Lewis Lawrence. We must never forget these men and other 83rd soldiers. My name is SFC Timothy E Jones,  USA Retired. Email: ktrp69@nc.rr.com. Posted 22 Apr 11

I am looking for any information about James W. Brammer, who served in the 330th Infantry Regiment, 83rd Division. Mr. Brammer was in Bihain and Mont-le-Ban during the Battle of the Bulge. On January 16, 1945, a young woman named Anne-Marie Dehez was killed by artillery while she was going to a fountain to get water. Mr. Brammer took the woman in his arms and took her back to her parents home. Anne-Marie Dehez was 26 years old. She is buried in the Cemetery of Mont-le-Ban. If anyone can provide any information, please contact me at e.monfort@belgacom.net. Thank you, Eddy Monfort. Posted 30 Mar 11

I would appreciate any help on understanding my Grandfather's WWII participation. PFC Rifleman Alfred Szymanski, ASN 36831508 from Chicago, Illinois.  He served from September 1943 to March 1946, missing in combat on or around July 4th through July 9th, 1944 and was found wounded on July 9th, 1944. He left the European combat theater on August 5, 1944. The details of his participation are unknown to our family and I am looking for any information about his journey from anyone who may know about it. My Grandfather passed away in 1980. I also am having a hard time learning how my Grandfather earned his bronze star. I was hoping that someone would have some information to share or an idea as to where I can get more information. This has been a very personal, emotional and important journey to me as well as my family since my Grandfather did not share much of his WWII experience with the family. Michael Szymanski at mas@vknow.com. Posted 29 Mar 11

  I would appreciate any help anyone has to offer on my Grandfather, Sgt. Wallace Mason Vaughan, ASN 33227998. He served in Company F and Company L, 331st Infantry Regiment, 83rd Division.  He served from 16 Oct. 1943 to 6 Nov. 1945. Robert J. Lloyd at rlloyd@jwac.mil. Posted 24 Mar 11

I have a captured German Flag with the following names on it.
* 1st/SST Melvin Scott
* M/Sgt. M. Newman
* M/Sgt Tench (North Carolina)
* Capt. T. Davenport
* 1st Lt. Eniar DeJernes (N.Y.)
* 2nd Lt. Woolen
* T/4 George Tysiak
* T/5 Burnell Johnson
* Capt. Risely
* Pvt. Tommy Doyle (N.Y.C.)
* Pvt. Bill O'Brien
* Capt. Jean P. Cossette
* T/5 Duffy (Boston)
* T/5 Joe Lacy
* S/Sgt. Young
* Major T. Bloomfield
* M/Sgt. John Moran
* Capt. T.S. Clarkson (North Carolina)
* M/Sgt B. Paschal
* S/Sgt. Bob Funner (Fonner ?) Ohio
* T/5 Sam Burkholder
* John Beck (Peoria Illinois)
* Pvt. Harry Felintin (Philadelphia PA)
I'm looking for any information at all on these men. I believe that they were in the 331st Infantry Service Company. If any one can help, please email me at sruffo@neo.rr.com. Posted 24 Feb 11

Trying to find info from anyone who might have known my father, Louis C. Vogt "back in the day". He passed in October, 1987. He served in the Signal Corps portion of the 83rd Division as a lineman. I have little info other than he was at the Bulge and St. Lo. My alternate E-mail is vogtsters6@aol.com. Posted 23 Feb 11

My Grandfather was in the Recon troop with the 83rd Division. His name is Dorsie Price, SSN# 35 671 728. He was from Vincent, KY. He passed away on Thursday, December 27, 2007, at the age of 87 at the Lee County Care & Rehabilitation Center in Beattyville, KY, after a long fight with Alzheimer's Disease and cancer. I myself am a Vet of 19 years (Iraq) and hold him close to my heart. I would like to get in touch with anyone who knows him or that was in the Recon troop. Please contact me at thepricesinsc@aol.com. Posted 07 Feb 11

The 65th Annual Reunion of the 83rd Infantry Division Association will be held August 3-7, 2011 at The Thayer Hotel, United States Military Academy, West Point, NY. Further details about registration, events, and programs will be posted on this message board as information becomes available. Please note that because the hotel is located on the grounds of the United States Military Academy it is necessary to present a photo identification, which can be be a driver's license, passport, state identification, or school identification as long as there is a photo attached. Children under 16 years of age are not required to show identification if they are accompanied by an adult. Posted 1 Feb 11

Seeking any info about my Father, Lavern Fink, 83rd Division, 329th Regiment. He served from June 1944 to December 1946. I do not know battalion or company. Any info would be greatly appreciated. David Fink at finker1@charter.net thank you. Posted 27 Jan 11

I am seeking any information about my uncle Pfc. Franklin E. Bowers, 330th Infantry Regiment, 83rd Division, KIA July 9, 1944. He initially trained with the 255th\63rd\M in Van Dorn, MS. He was shipped out to England and transferred to the 83rd and landed with them at Omaha Beach. Please email Frank Bowers at frankbowers3@cox.net. Posted 25 Jan 11

I have just found this board and am asking for information regarding my Father. He was Cpl Steve S. Czyzewski, 32040538, with the 331st Inf., 83rd Div. He was killed on July 25, 1944 and is buried at the American cemetery in Normandy, France. If anyone has any information about him please contact me at Mikeczyz05@gmail.com. Posted 24 Jan 11

Seeking information regarding 2nd Lt. Leslie J. Endicott, of 329th Infantry Regiment and was KIA. He was from Spokane County, Washington State. Service number O-538605. Would like to know specifically what unit was he in, where served, date was he killed, etc. Please email Bill at endicottwt@aol.com. Posted 20 Jan 11

I am looking for information on a veteran friend of mine. His name is Jim Hour. He was born on April 18th in Quincy, IL. He was drafted into the 83rd Infantry Division, Battery C, 908 Field Artillery on June 13, 1944. He was sent to Fort Sill, OK for basic training, then to Camp George G. Meade in Maryland, Camp Miles Standish in Massachusetts, then boarded the British Liner "Acutania" for shipment overseas. Any links or resources about my friend Jim would be greatly appreciated. Thank you, Scott at scott@schmittyapolis.com. Posted 20 Jan 11


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