Alex Bevan

A Short Bio
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Alex Bevan has been sharing his voice, guitar, music and stories with
audiences for more than thirty years.
First known as the "Skinny Little Boy" from Cleveland, Ohio
who came to "Chase your wimmin' and drink your beer",
Alex has made a name for himself through out the Northern Ohio music scene.

Drawing on his deep skill set of imaginative and honest song writing combined with
an agile, improvisational wit that
dovetail wonderfully with his flawless guitar slinging,
Alex never fails to delight and charm audiences no matter what the venue.

His recordings span the gamut from folk to folk rock and
pop to children's educational music and
he has won a number of awards for his commercial efforts in radio and television. 
Alex's creative works  have also contributed to documentary film scores.

With the release of "Fall & Angels" Alex shows us a deeper side of the "Low Tech Troubadour".

You need to see him to believe him and hear him to know him

He is truly Ohio's "Great Lakes Bard".