Fall & Angels
(a boy with eyes of autumn finds his wings)
...thanks to many lucky pennies

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Fall & Angels Cover       Kent cover

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Here are ten songs
Eight brand new, one from a friend and
one from years ago when I was
the Low Tech Troubador
In the coming days
Each song will link to the lyrics and
a short commentary
about the song

This recording is a 'big thing' for me
I used every bit of studio skill that I possess
and enlisted the help of a few friends to make
it a reality

The players are:

Alex Bevan : Vocals, Keys, Programming and Guitars
Marc Lee Shannon : Guitars on "Home Tonight"
William Watson: Bass
August Andrew Oswald III: Drums and Percussion

To get a copy of "Fall and Angels" by mail
send me an email with
your name, your address and your promise
to send me a check for $15 + $2 shipping
Alex Bevan
PO Box 298
Madison, Ohio 44057

email at :   alex@ncweb.com
please put  ORDER in subject bar

The Songs:

Welcome Home
Wrestling Blue (Maybe)
Big Box Store
All the Way to Carolina
Warrior's Heart
Color Me
Poison the Well
In My Baby's Arms
Home Tonight (written by Michael Stanley)
Gunfighter Smile

sincerely yours